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Hybrid Modular System

NoGrid System

A very versatile and robust  PV Solar solution based on a modular Plug&Play design.

This is an affordable and flexible system in design because customers can start from an affordable, minimum viable product implementation which could easily be scaled-up to required specification or budget.

Key Features
  • Plug & Play
  • Modular system
  • Maintenance free (no moving parts)
  • 1 kWh of available storage capacity and 500 Watt of continuous power
  • Long Product Life (10 years)
  • Fits on the back of every solar panel
  • In case of failure, the modular design will ensure a failure of 1 module instead of the whole system


Hybrid Solar Home Systems

Hybrid PV Solar system enables  regular supply directly from the sun and stored energy in deep-cycle solar batteries.  The system automatically switches to the national grid when there is no sun or the batteries storage too low.


The PowerPlus series of portable and innovative renewable energy products are designed to be multi-functional and 100% eco-friendly with its source of power being derived from Water, Solar/Dynamo or Dynamo.

Comprise of high-performance Lanterns, Torchlights, Powerbanks storage; almost all the products have dual functionality, with the ability to serve as a smartphone charger or extra power storage.

Solarboxx (Gh) Ltd. is the key distributer for all PowerPlus assortments.

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Why Work With SolarBoxx

Consulting Services

Solarboxx specializes in custom design and implementation of domestic and business Off-Grid solar electric in the West African sub-region (in particular, Ghana). We have in-depth understanding of the local the consumer market, and related cultural and economic environment.

One area of our expertise is the installation of PV-Hybrid systems for Petrol Stations.  The nature of such systems requires high  safety and quality standards to ensure high availability in supporting a very demanding industry .

Basic Consultation

Site visit of the property assesses the daily consumption requirement, orientation and the feasibility of optimal solar electricity production for the location.

General Consultation

This comprise the ‘Basic Consultation’ and assistance in the procurement of the required hardware components for the system realized during the design stage. Customers have the option to undertake their own procurement and installation of the system.

Full Implementation

This option is a complete project undertaken on behalf of the customer, comprising the entire implementation process stages.

  • Load Analysis
  • System Design
  • System Procurement
  • Shipment to Installation site
  • Installation
  • Post Installation Support

About Us

Our scope is renewable energy provision, with a focus on rural and semi-urban electrification needs for a typical residential or commercial consumer in the sub-Saharan region of West Africa.

Our services comprise consultation advise, design and installation as well as post-installation support for Off-Grid Solar Household Systems (SHS). We are sole distributors for Powerplus renewable energy products like solar lamps and power chargers, as well as electrical components like low-energy bulbs, cables, lamp holders and power adapters etc.


We use this form to understand your total electrical use. Please  fill in the Submit Load Data form to help us determine the type and size of PV Solar System suitable for your requirements.  As a guide, the ‘Consumer Appliance Energy Consumption Guide’ catn be very useful for showing  typical energy consumption of household appliances.

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